JOHN QUINCY LAWLESS, (1), a second son of John and Margaret Skirvin Lawless, was born on December 1, 1826, in Grant County, Kentucky, and came to Illinois, at the age of eight years. He and his brother William broke virgin soil, with oxen, on a number of farms in Adams County, Illinois. He was the first to cultivate the Southwest Quarter of Section 34 of Gilmer Township. In February 1862, he was married toElizabeth Stabler Pearce, of Grant County, Kentucky. She was born on September 2, 1834 to David and Elizabeth Pearce. They were members of the Methodist Church and their home was always open to ministers. In politics, he was a strong Republican. They lived on a farm for forty-five years; then retired and moved to Columbus, Illinois, in the spring of 1900, where he died on January 1, 1916. She died on March 7, 1916. Both were buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Adams County, Illinois. Their children were: David Pearce, Margaret Elizabeth, John Christian, William Benton, Thomas Franklin, Anna Mary, and an unnamed daughter, who died in infancy.

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