John Lawless, (13), son of William and Elizabeth Lawless, was born March 11, 1751 in Fauquier County, Virginia. One source said he was a twin, but no other records support this.  He married Sally Buchanan. She was born in 1750. Other information about her is unknown at this time. He then married Mary Stoddard Feb 07, 1780 in Stafford County, Virginia. She was born Jan 10, 1755 in North Carolina. Mary was of Scotch descent, a devout Catholic, a doctor, and practiced medicine to some extent. Though little information could be obtained about him, we have an account of John Lawless’ record in the Revolutionary War from the Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C.  Pensioners were required to supply certified inventories of their estate and an account of their income. If need was not established the pensioner was removed from the rolls but was allowed to reapply. He was allowed a pension on May 29, 1818 in Pendleton Co., KY.   The Grant County Court recorded the following:

Grant County Kentucky Court Order Book 1, 1820-1824

Court of August 21, 1820

At the house of William Arnold in Williamstown.


Revolutionary War Soldier: John Lawless, late a soldier in the Revolutionary War, produced in court a certificate and schedule of his property…..worth $151.25.

On the 21st day of August 1820 personally appeared in open court, a court of record for said district and county of Grant, John Lawless, aged 70 years on the 11 day of March next, resident of the county and district aforesaid, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows: he enlisted in the regular service on 10th day of August 1776 for the term of three years in the Company of Captain William Blackwell attached to the 11th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. Daniel Morgan in Fauquier County, Virginia, that he was in the Battle of Brandywine on the 11th day of September 1777, in the Battle of Germantown (Oct 2) at that time under the command of Captain John Marshall, and other battles of less nature, the dates not recollected, and was then sent into Virginia with a detachment as baggage guard, taken from Gen. Burgoine, under the command of Colonel Buford. He was then put under the command of Captain Hogg, the regiment not recollected, but commanded by Colonel Parker, and sent into the State of Georgia where he served his time and, on the 10th day of August 1779, was discharged at a Widow Starks about nine miles from Augusta, between Augusta and Savannah, that place being headquarters for Colonel Parker’s Army at that time; agreeable to one original declaration dated the 15th day of February 1819 and a pension certificate now in his possession #46. I do solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818, and that I have not since that time by gift, sale, or in any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it, so as to bring myself within the provisions of an Act of Congress entitled, an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval services of the United States in the Revolutionary War, passed on the 18th day of March 1818. He further states that he is a farmer, but very infirm and totally incapable to pursue it, and that he has with himself two in family, himself and his wife Polly Lawless, age 66 years and very infirm, being totally incapable of supporting herself.

(X) John Lawless


State of Kentucky

Grant Circuit Court.


I, Hubbard B. Smith, clerk to the court for the circuit aforesaid, to hereby certify that the foregoing oath and the schedule thereto are truly copied from the records of the said court. I do further certify that is the opinion of the said court that the amount in value of the property exhibited is $151.25. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my own private seal (there being no seal of affix yet provided) this 24th day of August 1820 and the 29th year of our Commonwealth. H. B. Smith.

In the roll of the pensioners for Feb. 16, 1819 John received $96.00. Hopkins which an officer by the name of Merryweather gave him rations money. Alexander Monroe states that he served with him in Woodford Brigade at Valley Forge.

Another certificate of pension was issued June 18, 1840 and this one was sent to Seth Davis at Williamstown Road in KY. He served in all for a period of 3 years. He, John Lawless, was also on the KY Pensions at the rate of $8 per month and it was to commence on May 29, 1818. His certificate of pension was issued Feb. 15, 1819 and it was sent to the Honorable R. M. Johnson, House of Representatives and that he has been acquainted with them since 1795, when they came to reside in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

His widow at the age of 93 appeared in open Court and stated that she was born in January of 1755 and that her Maiden was Mary Stoddard and that she and John Lawless were married February 7th 1780 in Stafford County, Virginia. She also stated that her husband John Lawless died on August 12, 1847 at the age of 96. He moved from Virginia to Bourbon County, Kentucky and from there to Pendleton County, Kentucky and fromPendleton County to Grant County, Kentucky. Henry Lawless their second was at the age of 63 and living in Grant County at the time of her appearance in open Court. Mary Stoddard Lawless was allowed pension on her application executed May 27, 1848, at which time she was 93 years of age and a resident of Grant County.

Uriel Tongate swears that John Lawless died in his house and he also swears that the age of his widow is what she claims it to be and that she is the oldest resident in the County of Grant in Kentucky. Elizabeth Seward swears that she has been acquainted with them for about 50 years. Lawless swears as to their marriage and he also states that he is one of their sons and lawful heirs. John Lawless appointed Richard M. Lawless to be his legal attorney. Colonel A. Buford swears that John Lawless served under him in the Revolutionary War.

Mary Lawless was on the Kentucky Roll of Pensions at the rate of $80 per annum to commence Aug. 12, 1847. Her certificate of pension was issued March 15, 1849 and it was sent to Honorable I. P. Gaines, H. R.

Mary died September 17, 1850 in Russell County, Kentucky. They are buried at the Old Baptist Church Cemetery on the Dry Ridge, located approximately 3 miles north of Williamstown, Kentucky near the old Wal-Mart Store.

The stone inscription reads: John Lawless – Revolutionary Veteran – March 11, 1752 – August 12, 1847.  They had eleven children: Matilda, Henry Stoddard, Jesse, Reuben, Edward, Sarah, William, John, Jane, Elizabeth, and James.












Matilda Lawless, (14), daughter of John and Mary Stoddard Lawless, was born about 1782 in Stafford County, Virginia. She married Dixon Tungate Oct 05, 1814 in Falmouth, Pendleton County, Kentucky.  Dixon, son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Ann Evans Tungate was born in 1787 in Amherst County, Virginia. He died after 1860 in Grant County, Kentucky. They had five children: Jennings, Christine, Jane, Sarah E., and George W.


Henry Stoddard Lawless, (14), son of John and Mary Stoddard Lawless, was born about 1787 in Stafford County, Virginia. He married Mary Seward on October 06, 1808 in Pendleton County, Kentucky. She was born in 1790, Pendleton County and was the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Seward. They had three children: John Daniel, Henry S. and Martha A.


Jesse Lawless, (14), son of John and Mary Stoddard Lawless, was born about 1788 in Stafford County, Virginia. It is believed he had at least two children: Lucinda and Patsey Christina.


Reuben Lawless, (14), son of John and Mary Stoddard Lawless, was born about 1789 in Stafford County, Virginia.


Edward Lawless, (14), son of John and Mary Stoddard Lawless, was born about 1790 in Stafford County, Virginia.


Sarah A. Lawless, (14), daughter of John and Mary Stoddard Lawless, was born about 1790 in Stafford County, Virginia.  She married Royal Tungate in Pendleton County.  He was born in 1790. She married Uriel Tongate September 27, 1809 in Falmouth, Pendleton Co., Kentucky.  Uriel, son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Ann Evans Tungate, was born in 1776 in Amherst County, Virginia.  He died February 23, 1863 in Grant County, Kentucky. They had four children: Evaline, Matilda, Indiana, and John.


William Lawless, (14), son of John and Mary Stoddard Lawless, was born about 1793 in Stafford County, Virginia.  He married Elizabeth.  He died in Arrow Rock, Saline County, Missouri.


John Lawless II, (14), son of John and Mary Stoddard Lawless, was born June 20, 1795 in Pendleton County, Kentucky. See page 19.


Jane Lawless, (14), daughter of John and Mary Stoddard Lawless, was born June 20, 1795 in Pendleton County, Kentucky. She married John Lowe on December 5, 1816 in Pendleton, Kentucky.  He was born about 1790 possibly in Kentucky. Jane died April 24, 1830 and John died February 16, 1840, both in Grant County, Kentucky.  They had one son: John Sanford Lowe.


Elizabeth Lawless, (14), daughter of John and Mary Stoddard Lawless, was born April 11, 1796 in Pendleton County, Kentucky.  She married Charles Hughes on November 1, 1814 in Howard County Missouri.  He was born September 21, 1793 in Fayette County, Kentucky to Joseph, Sr. and Sarah Green Swan Hughes.  Charles died February 20, 1857 in Howard County Missouri and Elizabeth died November 13, 1872.  Both are buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Howard County Missouri.  They had four children: James Harvey, Nancy, Artimacy, and Mary Jane.


James H. Lawless, (14), son of John and Mary Stoddard Lawless, was born about 1801 in Pendleton County, Kentucky. He was a farmer in Mason County, Kentucky and married Katherine (last name unknown).  She was born in Pennsylvania about 1804.  They had five children: Mariah, James, Elizabeth, Hiram, and John.

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